Our Unique Process


Investor Alignment

  • Large co-investment by founder & CEO, Eric Barvin
  • We do not use mezz debt or preferred equity that could potentially put our investors’ capital at risk
  • We have relatively low leverage - typically below 65%
  • We raise capital on a deal by deal basis with no pressure to invest or ongoing fees while we evaluate deals

In-Depth Research

  • We work with RCLCO and a variety of data suppliers to identify macro and micro markets that fit our criteria for renters and location. 
  • Based on this information and results, we identify the submarkets where those traits appear and then dive into health of that specific micro location.
  • We then break down the locations and properties within that submarket, which appear to fit our criteria and present opportunity for future appreciation.
  • This information is compiled into an annual business plan for each of our target markets.

Vetting of the Opportunity

  • Analysis of competitive landscape
  • Detailed underwriting
  • In-person property and market inspections
  • Alignment with business plan and strategy

Due Diligence

  • Detailed property inspections
  • In-depth market analysis
  • Finalizing financing
  • Raising equity

Barvin Case Studies


Barvin is driven to go above and beyond in maximizing results for our valued investors.